Cruise to Alaska

From wild adventures to mysterious places Alaska offers numerous destinations to visit and be awestruck. The glaciers, mountain loves, etc are so beautiful in Alaska that you’ll never want to leave the city. Alaska offers fancy restaurants and museums for every taste and like. Alaska is the best place to visit for fancy people.

Here are the top three things to do while you’re in Alaska.

  • The White Pass and Yukon Route railway.

If and only if you want to gaze at the beautiful scenery of nature from the sky then this train route is must for you. This rail route joins the Yukon with the Skagway. The train boards with the passenger who travel through the train just to gulp the beauty of nature. The train has wide windows and display decks. The wide-open windows offer a better view of the scenery. The train passes waterfalls, glaciers and dense forests.

  • Kroschel film wildlife center.

Situated just 28 miles from Haines, Alaska, the Kroschel wildlife center is a place where the filmmakers and naturalists together take care of abandoned or even orphaned wild animals such as chimps and others. The animals roam freely in the center hence it is not a zoo. You can encounter multiple species of animals such as grizzly bears, foxes, wolves, lynx, moose, reindeer, owls, and others. The center spreads in a large area of 600 yards with Alaskan and Canadian animals.

  • Watch whales.

Whales are too common to notice in the Juneau. Juneau is surrounded by dense green forests and white glaciers which makes the view magnanimous. On the way to the whale watching point, you’ll encounter bears and other Alaskan species of animals. The whale watching takes around 5 hours including the traveling. The white glaciers and blue water make it very beautiful. You’ll be taken in a ship in the mid of glaciers for a better view of the whales. Once the whales are in sight the captain stops and you can gaze at the whales.

Try to stop in Juneau and see the state capital, too.   Alaska is a wonder that all should experience.

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