A European Vacation to Remember

We have compiled a detailed list of the best travel destinations in Europe and we are sure you can’t wait to see them as you are planning to take a trip to some of the most interesting cities in Europe.

Wroclaw, Poland

Currently, Wroclaw tops the list of people’s favourite destination in Europe. This beautiful and amazing city, called the “Polish Venice” has canals surrounding it and it is dotted with over 120 bridges linking 12 superb islands.

The incredible charm of Wroclaw can seduce you, the Market Square “Rynek”, the Salt Market Square, the Flower Market, the two Town Halls, the beautiful University, the covered Market, the botanical garden and the gorgeous architecture of the Centennial Hall.

For aficionados of a good lunch, you can have breakfast at Piwinica Swidnicka- this is the oldest restaurant in the world. Take a stroll around Ostrow Tumski, the oldest area of the city and watch as you fall under the spell of the almighty Wroclaw.

Bilbao, Spain

Pictures or words can’t do justice if you are trying to describe the atmosphere here; you have to feel it yourself. Bilbao is evolutive, ever-changing and it’s open to anyone who wants to visit; unlike some other European cities, families with children and grandchildren love to visit; they enjoy the joy and sweetness the evening brings as they walk through the alleys of Casco Viejo, the historic center of Bilbao.

Like Porto and Bordeaux, Bilbao is linked to the river and the sea. The gastronomy there is amazing, same as the wines.

Make the most of your vacation in Bilbao and take your time to discover the main museums in the city such as the Guggenheim or The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, and its lovely landscapes like the Rioja Wine Region.

Colmar, France

This is arguably the most romantic and most charming destination in Europe. You can’t afford to miss the cuisine, the architecture, nice hotels, and so on. Colmar is just too perfect for both young and old.

In Colmar, there is the Toy Museum; the Unterlinden Museum displaying excellent works of art from the 12th to16th century. Here is a fun fact- remember the Statue of Liberty? The creator was born in Colmar!

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