Must-See Tourist Attractions in China

Planning to travel to China? The 4th largest country in the world, China is filled with fantastic usual landscapes, history and cultures, as well as plentiful attractions for travelers. There are too many popular cities and natural sites to explore, a lot of travelers visit the China number of  times to have all those interesting places visited. If you are not sure where to travel, and what things to do in China, to help you make the most out of your trip to China, here’s our list of the must-see tourist attractions to visit in China.

The Great Wall of China – Who doesn’t love to visit the Great Wall of China. Located in Beijing, every single brick of The Great Wall of China may tell you a story. A must-see tourist attraction is no doubt one of the ancient world’s most amazing feats of engineering. The wall was built around the 5th century BC, stretches over 5,500 miles, making it the longest man-made wall ever built. The best way to appreciate the view of the Great Wall of China is to stand on its walls and look intently in wonder as it winds over China’s serene mountains like a magnificent edge sponsored mythical beast.

The Potala Palace – If you love to see the best Tibetan architecture than the Potala Palace is a right place for you! The Potala Palace is a former home of the Dalai Lamas, and the political-religious seat of Tibet. Open to both pilgrims and visitors, this palace is comprised of over 13 stories and two main palaces, but a limited number of visitors allowed to visit the palace a day, so we advise you to make your booking online or to avoid the last minute rush make sure to arrive early at the ticket counter to purchase the tickets.

The Forbidden City – One of the Beijing’s most famous tourist attraction is the Forbidden City, it is the place where China’s emperors held court for 500 years from the 15th century until 1911. While the Chinese supposed that the sovereign was the Son of Heaven, according to them the Forbidden City was exactly at the center of the Universe. Since 1987, it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the huge complex consists of more than 1,000 buildings and over 8,000 chambers, a large number of tourists visit this city daily.

The Li River– The soul of Guilin, the Li river from Guilin to Yangshuo offers the stunning river highlights make it as one of top water wonders in the world. The visitors can see beautiful landscapes, rolling hills, steep cliffs, caves and forest on both sides of the river. The knowledgeable guides will share interesting stories about a variety of riverside attractions with traveler during the river trip. Visitors also get an opportunity to make a glance at the way of life of various towns, matured over 500 years, situated at the bank of Li waterway.

The Temple of Heaven – Located in the center of Beijing, the Temple of Heaven is one of the most popular holy places in China. This well-known temple is popular for its unique architectural design, makes it another world heritage of the country. Built in the period of 1406-1420 by the Yongle emperor, to devotion, heaven annually to get a good harvest. A visit to the Temple of heaven is must, to learn about the importance of each wall and pillars of this temple.

If you are looking for the top 5 must-see tourist attractions in China, I think we have got you enclosed. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and head to China to have the most memorable vacation experience ever!

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