Tips For Your First Time to India

Wonderful, exasperating, daunting, and fantastic – name it! India is all of these words. If you are planning to visit this country, well you have made a great decision this year.

The only question is: are you ready?  A trip to India can be amazing but without any preparation, you might get into some unexpected disappointments. So to make your vacation as smooth-going as it can be, we have compiled some travel tips for you especially if this your first time to visit India.

  1.       Keep your cool but be vigilant

 As much as it has wonderful spots, India is often tagged as the place with many touts and scams. So when you come here, do not make it too obvious that you are a first-timer. Stay calm and follow the directions. Research before taking some rides and make sure you have a map with you. Know some of the common terms and greetings in India. Above all, don’t be too judgmental. The people in India are really cool.

  1.       Slow down and make every moment count

If you are booking a trip to India with an agency or availing some package tours, you can be time-bound.  Many tourists in a tour package try to cram too much to cover a lot of highlights in just one day. What they don’t know is that they are missing an important element of a great vacation – that is to just enjoy and relax.  If you want the luxury of time, we suggest that you shortlist the places that you want to visit. Concentrate on fewer places rather than trying to tick off as many places as you can.

  1.       Avoid the crowd

Delhi is one of the most crowded in India. But there are many other places where you can spend a quiet vacation. Some of the off-beat vacation places in India are the Mawlynnong in Meghalaya where you can enjoy an eco-friendly tour or the Halebid in Kamataka, which is one of the ancient temple towns in Sount India.

  1.       Keep your stomach healthy

The foods in India are definitely mouth-watering not to mention the garam masala and chicken biryani. However, it is also important to take extra precautions. India has a somewhat notorious reputation for the so-called Delhi belly or upset stomach. You don’t want to get ill while you are on your vacation. So steer clear from unfamiliar food. Don’t drink tap water and make sure you wash the fruit before eating.

  1.       Pick a perfect route

Again, if you think the place is too crowded, don’t take risks. You’d rather be visiting other places with less crowds and enjoy every moment of your vacation than rushing with the crowds. Take note that India is a tropical country which means that the weather is quite hot. It can be quite annoying to be in the middle of the crowd with everyone sweating.

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