Top Places To Visit In Norway

Norway has actually made its method into the bucket list of each passionate vacationers around the globe. From beautiful hills, remarkable fjords and a lot of churches and lighthouses, there are plenty of areas to visit in Norway for that perfect journey with friends, family members, and also couples. Above everything else, it is the dream of many to behold the impressive Northern Lights when in their lifetime.

National Opera & Ballet

The well-known Concert hall is created in a way that it tricks people into thinking it is increasing from the water. It arranges its programs on 3 extravagantly designed stages– The Key Home, The Second House, as well as the Studio. Its magnificent windows give pedestrians a glimpse of the fancy insides, making it among the top Norway tourist attractions.

Tusenfryd Amusement Park

It is among the leading Norway attractions and also the most well-known theme park worldwide. It is home to more than 30 destinations such as SpeedMonster, SuperSplash, ThunderCoaster, as well as SpaceShot. Throughout summertime, you can additionally take pleasure in the theme park called BadeFryd, which has a pool, a river for swimming as well as an interesting waterslide.

Akershus Citadel

This is a terrific addition to any Norway sightseeing excursion, especially for the history lovers. This structure was built in 1299 under the orders of King Hakon the Fifth and also prevented the city from numerous sieges throughout the years. Norway excursions normally include an assisted trip of this fortress that also plays host to wonderful several shows as well as ceremonies!

Tromso University Museum

This museum shows numerous fascinating truths regarding the locals remaining in Norway, the Sami. Tromso College Museum additionally shows one of the most popular Norway sights, the Northern Lights. It is just one of those interesting places to visit in Norway that must be on everybody’s listing.

Science Center

This houses the greatest Norwegian planetarium as well as provides visitors an opportunity to consider the North brighten and also close. Vacationers also have the option to check out global sensations on numerous topics connected to the environment, environment, and also energy. It features prominently in all lists of Norway places to visit.

Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden

This garden houses a distinct collection of the plants of North Norway and is one of the most fascinating areas to visit in Norway. The flowering period starts in May and continues until October. The most interesting views below are purple saxifrage and also yellow pillow plants, pasque flowers, and a selection of blooming bulbs.

Places To Visit In Bergen

One of the busiest ports in Norway, Bergen is covered by a series of hills called the 7 Hills. It is the country’s social center hosting prominent occasions like the yearly Bergen International Event, Nattjazz Event, as well as Bergenfest.

Norwegian Top Foods:

  • Lefse
  • Kumla 
  • Lutefisk 
  • Whale Steak
  • Pickled Herring
  • Krumkake
  • Fårikål
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